Wednesday, October 26, 2011


hey miss deE...rite now am with my am very eppy bcz my presentation thesis alredi done..tenkiu to my pwince bcz helping me....but now am waiting my result report thesis n presentation,,,,ehhee,...(cakap owg omputih plak)...act my pwince ckp kene ckp omputih tuk improved our english,,,but i dont want....

ouh no,,,,eye back nmpak sgt,,,huhu,,tk cukup tido,,,hee

saye nmpak bambam,,,,hahha,,,,,nice view,,

tenkz to my pwince,,,credit 4 him,,

actually am in my canteen hostel,,,online,,,,
alone,,,opss nop wif my pwince,,,
dier temankan sy,,,,hee,,,sebbb kt hostel tk de kawan,,,,

okeyh Dee nnti sy dtg balek,,,


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